We Produce Wood Conserving The Forests
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We Produce Wood Conserving The Forests

Around 300 to 350 children from Iñapari, learn with “Tronquito” the benefits of sustainable logging. On January 5, 2016, the loggers and insiders of the forestry sector agreed to join forces to convey a better message about their work to the children of Iñapari, Madre De Dios. With no name of companies, political parties, or institutions, all together and typically dressed like a carpenter, talked to more than 300 children that were attending the activity named “We Produce Wood Conserving the Forests”.


The kids enjoyed a delicious hot chocolate, panettones and received gifts. The particularity was the presentation of “Tronquito”, this character is a children’s friend and forest’s, and was who taught them the benefits of sustainable logging.


“Tablita en mi Familia”

Besides the character, we created a children’s story titled “Tablita en mi Familia”, in which we explain that to cut down the trees is not bad for forests, since wood becomes furniture that becomes part of our lives and our families.

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