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Maderacre is a company committed to exploit forest resources in a responsible manner. The selective extraction on average of 1 tree per hectare every 20 years, ensures the productive conservation of the forests, generating formal employment and developing the surrounding communities.


Photo: “Perú Forests Program”

The Maderacre operations are based on a model of Sustainable Forestry Management. We only extract what is forest is capable of regenerating, and all of that under a silvicultural and permanent monitoring system The extraction is also performed through techniques of reduced impact (AIR). Throughout this process, the wood follows a strict chain of custody control certified by the FSC since 2007.


We have an institutionalized social policy through a Consultative Committee, made up of Maderacre and members of the Civil Society of Iñapari, where the priority has been given to the areas of support in health and education of the region.


The relationship between the company and its environment is based on its Social Responsibility Program (PRS), developed with the participation of representatives of civil society, workers and partners. The PRS approach is the identification of interested groups or stakeholders, their analysis and the design of specific strategies for a constructive relationship with each one of them.


We have cooperation agreements with:
Native Community Belgium, Elementary and Secondary Schools of Iñapari, Iñapari Health Center, Association of Fishermen of Iñapari.


On the other hand, we facilitate our forestry concessions and industry for the development of research, training or guided tours on sustainable forest management or climate change. We have cooperated with:
WWF, GIZ, Perú Bosques (USAID), CESVI, Rainforest Alliance, UNAMAD, UNALM, Leeds University, OSINFOR, SERFOR.


MONITOREOThe generation of knowledge is fundamental to make right decisions and is the basis of adaptive management. Starting from this premise, Maderacre continuously carries out studies and monitoring of the forest, its operations and the impact they have on the environment.


Maderacre has implemented a process of constant improvement, which includes planning, execution, monitoring and feedback. The forest management system is detailed in the General Plan for Forest Management (PGMF) and is detailed each year in the Annual Operational Plan (POA); documents that are approved by the Forest Authority and audited annually for the last 10 years by the Rainforest Alliance.


Photo: “Perú Forests Program”

Based on the knowledge obtained from the forest, the most adequate parameters have been defined to be applied in its management. These have been calculated in order to guarantee the sustainability of the forest and future harvests.


Maderacre implements a polycyclic silvicultural system of selective extraction, based on natural regeneration. Trees protected as seedbed and those which have not reached yet the minimum cutting diameters, provide the genetic material for the natural regeneration of the forest. The exploitation operations are carried out following techniques of reduced impact that conserve the flora and fauna, water, soil and air. This, together with the absence of wildlife hunting, guarantees a healthy ecosystem.


CENSO-FORESTALEvery year, each harvesting unit goes through a census, to identify and evaluate each tree of the species that are under management. At the same time, the presence of sites with conservation attributes is documented. This information is used to plan the annual use, protection and monitoring of the forest.


TRAZABILIDADIn Maderacre we guarantee the legal origin of the wood.
All this is possible thanks to the codification of the harvested trees and the continuous control of their codes during the production stage in the industry. A guarantee of this are our certificates FSC of Forest Management (FSC-MF) and of Chain of Custody (FSC-CoC) for the case of our own concessions, and The Responsible Purchasing Protocol for the wood bought from forest concessions in Tahuamanu, Madre de Dios.


CONSERVACION BOSQUEThe Maderacre management guarantees the conservation of the forests managed by it. An important component of the management system is the Forest Management Program.


As part of the administrative division of the forest management unit, have been defined conservation areas that house most of the ecosystems and forest types present on it. In addition, and permanently, sites with conservation attributes are identified, which are protected and excluded from forest harvesting.


The degradation caused by our operations per year, is less than 1% of the managed area. Wildlife hunting is prohibited, and operations carried out with reduced impact criteria result in a healthy forest, even after the execution of the harvesting activities.